Old offline patterns lead to lacklustre online approximations—we can have better virtual meetings & conferences.

Full Circle Leadership highlights the strengths of eight diverse kinds of leadership. But each also comes with a shadow side.

Patterns, loops, and what we can learn from playing with the model.

Dyadic Opposites

How creating a Steering Group became the game-changer for Universal Viewer, propelling this long-running project into a whole new phase.

What’s the origin of the Universal Viewer?

How learning from Māori has enriched my life

A rainbow appeared when we visited this field, the place where the founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand was signed.

As fiscal host to 1300+ open source projects on Open Collective, we’re on a mission to help the whole ecosystem thrive.

Join a Maintainer Support Group

Coming soon: Back Your Entire Stack

Preview of Collective page redesign, join an open source support group, OSC opening up, Witchcraft interview, and more.

Collective Page Redesign

Maintaining the Maintainers: join an open source peer support group

The Open Source Collective’s widening umbrella

Featured Collective: Witchcraft

Now accepting even more projects who are building the open source ecosystem worldwide

From our June 2019 board meeting

Recent Financials

Financial process improvements

Alanna Irving

Exploring bossless leadership, collaborative tech, and co-op systems — https://alanna.space

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