Full Circle Leadership highlights the strengths of eight diverse kinds of leadership. But each also comes with a shadow side.

Full Circle Leadership is a framework for understanding the forms leadership takes in non-hierarchical groups, and for mapping project life-cycles in emergent environments without top-down project planning.

To learn even more, read the original article, extend it with patterns and loops, watch the video, or take a course.

Every kind…

Patterns, loops, and what we can learn from playing with the model.

Since developing Full Circle Leadership, I’ve run numerous workshops and courses based on it, and every time the discussions inspire new discoveries. I love how the model itself is simple, but more depth emerges the more different people explore it. These extensions reveal interesting dynamics about leadership in collaborative groups.

How creating a Steering Group became the game-changer for Universal Viewer, propelling this long-running project into a whole new phase.

Interview with Edward Silverton, maintainer of the Universal Viewer project.

What’s the origin of the Universal Viewer?

In 2012 I was contracted by Digirati to work on the “Wellcome Player” for the Wellcome Library in London, a unified viewer for all of their digital catalogue items (high-res deep-zoomable images, audio/video, PDFs), which allowed people to download content…

As fiscal host to 1300+ open source projects on Open Collective, we’re on a mission to help the whole ecosystem thrive.

Join a Maintainer Support Group

While open source is inherently collaborative, maintainers can sometimes feel isolated. We’re connecting the humans behind the code, to support each other’s learning and growth, personally and professionally. Join us!

Coming soon: Back Your Entire Stack

Back Your Stack is a great way to discover dependencies and support them financially. But you had to do it…

Preview of Collective page redesign, join an open source support group, OSC opening up, Witchcraft interview, and more.

Collective Page Redesign

We are making massive improvements to the design of Collective pages. We’d love your feedback before we roll it out.

To preview, append V2 to the end of any Collective URL.

Share your feedback!

Maintaining the Maintainers: join an open source peer support group

In our recent survey of core contributors, more than half said they…

Now accepting even more projects who are building the open source ecosystem worldwide

The Open Source Collective (OSC), a non-profit serving as fiscal host for 1300+ open source projects on Open Collective, wants to support groups around the world who are building the open source ecosystem in diverse ways, beyond just code. So we’re widening the umbrella and clarifying our acceptance criteria.


Alanna Irving

Exploring bossless leadership, collaborative tech, and co-op systems — https://alanna.space

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